Contact IC Chip Card

  • Free samples sle4442 4428 chip pvc contact ic card

    Free samples sle4442 4428 chip pvc contact ic card

    Contact IC card is the abbreviation of integrated circuit card. It is a plastic card embedded with integrated circuit chips. Its shape and size comply with international standards (ISO / IEC 7816, GB / t16649). In addition, it uses microprocessor, ROM and even non-volatile memory. IC card with CPU is the real smart card.

    There are three types of contact IC card: memory card or memory card; smart card with CPU; super smart card with monitor, keyboard and CPU. It has the advantages of large storage capacity, strong security and easy to carry.

    Mind supply all kinds of contact Ic chip card including 4428 contact ic chip card,4442 contact ic chip card, TG97 contact ic chip card and some CPU card which is high security EAL5, EAL 5+, EAL 6, EAL 6+ with 80KB or 128KB EEPROM size.

    SLE4428 Contact IC card

    Contact IC chip: SLE4428, SLE5528,FM4428                Chip Capacity: 10286byte

    MOQ: 500pcs                                                                          Standard:  ISO7816-3

    SLE4442 Contact IC card

    Contact IC chip: SLE4442, SLE5542,FM4442                Chip Capacity: 256byte

    MOQ: 500pcs                                                                          Standard:  ISO7816-3