Our advantages

Leading RFID industry for 24 years

MIND is one of the top three rfid card manufactories in China.

22 technicians,15 designers

Since 1996, we has been paying attention to technology research and development and card design.
Now we already have 22 technicains and 15 designers to support all customer OEM business and provide free design/technic support to customers.

ISO, social responsibility, SGS, ITS, ROHS certificates.

MIND products mainly for government/institute member identity, public transportation, schools, hospitals and water/power/gas' supply
and management. This is the biggest difference between us and other card factories. These industrial projects have stricter requirements
on quality and delivery time, and also require manufacturers to have production qualification, such as ISO, social responsibility, SGS, ITS, Rosh certificates.

Complete testing equipment

in MIND factory in China with a complete set of testing equipment, including: spectrum analyzer, Inductance meter,LCR digital bridge,
Bending torque machine,Script tester、IC tester、Tagformance UHF tag performance tester, magnetic writing performance analyzer.

Daily out put 1,000,000pcs rfid card/800,000pcs rfid labels/3000sets hardwares

At present, MIND daily production capacity is 1,000,000pcs rfid cards, 800,000pcs rfid labels, 3000sets of related hardwares.
We strictly process production according to ISO quality control standards and we take social responsibility as well. We set up the first testing library

traceability quality control

Self-developed whole process traceability quality control information system at all timese to ensure the quality of each batch of production is qualified.

New mold leadtime: 7-10days

MIND now have more than 500 molds for customer selection and they all stored in special mold storage area and managed by special person.
If the mold is developed by customer, it will belong to customers forever, and MIND will not sell them to other customers without authorization.