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MAIN PRODUCTS: Rfid cards, Rfid hotel keycards,Rfid tags, Rfid Label, RFID stickers, Contact IC chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, PVC ID cards and related reader/writers: including scan module, attendence machine, DTU/RTU products.
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application scenarios

Our technologies are deployed in a wide range of industries, where they enable convenient, multi-factor authentication, and support highly demanding applications. Our technologies increase efficiency, decrease errors, and protect against malicious attacks. Our smart card-based technologies are suited for a wide variety of scenarios.

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mind environmental protection

Sustainability is No I priority subject among MIND in order to reduce carbon footprint through supply chain management and reduce negative impact of the disposable items . In order to do so , MIND consider all stages of supply chain and employ creativeapproaches to sustainability.

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Choose MIND Recycled PVC Card To HelpProtecting The Environment And Show To WorldThat You Care

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RFID technology is redefining transportation management

RFID technology is redefining transportat...


In the field of logistics and transportation, the demand for real-time monitoring of transport vehicles and goods mainly stems from the following background and pain points: Traditional logistics management often relies on manual operations and records, prone to informat...

RFID garbage intelligent classification management implementation plan

RFID garbage intelligent classification m...


The residential garbage classification and recycling system uses the most advanced Internet of Things technology, collects all kinds of data in real time through RFID readers, and connects with the background management platform through the RFID system. Through the installation of RFID electronic...

RFID ABS keyfob

RFID ABS keyfob


RFID ABS keyfob is one of our hot-selling products in Mind IOT. It is made by ABS material. After pressing out the key chain model through the fine metal mold, the copper wire cob is put into the pressed key chain model, and then it is combined by ultrasonic wave. It bec...

RFID technology intelligent bookcase

RFID technology intelligent bookcase


RFID intelligent bookcase is a kind of intelligent equipment using radio frequency identification technology (RFID), which has brought revolutionary changes to the field of library management. In the era of information explosion, the library management is becoming more a...

National supercomputing Internet platform officially launched!

National supercomputing Internet platform...


On April 11th, at the first supercomputing Internet Summit, the national supercomputing Internet platform was officially launched, becoming a highway to support the construction of digital China. According to reports, the national supercomputing Internet plan to form an...

RFID market size for high value medical consumables

RFID market size for high value medical c...


In the field of medical consumables, the initial business model is to be sold directly to hospitals by suppliers of various consumables (such as heart stents, testing reagents, orthopedic materials, etc.), but because of the wide variety of consumables, there are many suppliers, and the decision-...

rfid tags – electronic identification cards for tires

rfid tags – electronic identificati...


With the large number of sales and applications of various vehicles, the number of tire consumption is also increasing. At the same time, tires are also key strategic reserve materials for development, and are the pillars of supporting facilities in the transportation in...

Four departments issued a document to promote the digital transformation of the city

Four departments issued a document to pro...


Cities, as the habitat of human life, carry human yearning for a better life. With the popularization and application of digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 5G, the construction of digital cities has become a trend and necessity on a global scale, and...

RFID technology revolutionizes asset management

RFID technology revolutionizes asset mana...


In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient asset management is a cornerstone of success. From warehouses to manufacturing plants, companies across industries are tackling the challenge of effectively tracking, monitoring, and optimizing their assets. In this p...

All Macau Casinos to Install RFID Tables

All Macau Casinos to Install RFID Tables


Operators have been using RFID chips to combat cheating, improve inventory management and reduce dealer errors Apr 17, 2024The six gaming operator in Macau informed authorities they plan to install RFID tables in the coming months. The decision comes as Macau’s Gaming I...

RFID paper card

RFID paper card


Mind IOT recently shows a new RFID product and it gets good feedback from the global market. It’s RFID paper card. It is a kind of new and environmentally friendly card, and they are now gradually replacing RFID PVC cards. RFID paper card are mainly used in consumption ...

IOTE 2024 in Shanghai, MIND achieved a complete success!

IOTE 2024 in Shanghai, MIND achieved a c...


On April 26th, the three-day IOTE 2024, the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shanghai Station, successfully concluded at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. As an exhibitor, MIND Internet of Things achieved a complete success at this exhibition. Wit...