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MAIN PRODUCTS: Rfid cards, Rfid hotel keycards,Rfid tags, Rfid Label, RFID stickers, Contact IC chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, PVC ID cards and related reader/writers: including scan module, attendence machine, DTU/RTU products.
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Where there is IOT,there is Mind

application scenarios

Our technologies are deployed in a wide range of industries, where they enable convenient, multi-factor authentication, and support highly demanding applications. Our technologies increase efficiency, decrease errors, and protect against malicious attacks. Our smart card-based technologies are suited for a wide variety of scenarios.

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mind environmental protection

Sustainability is No I priority subject among MIND in order to reduce carbon footprint through supply chain management and reduce negative impact of the disposable items . In order to do so , MIND consider all stages of supply chain and employ creativeapproaches to sustainability.

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Choose MIND Recycled PVC Card To HelpProtecting The Environment And Show To WorldThat You Care

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Chongqing promotes the construction of smart parking complex

Chongqing promotes the construction of sm...


Recently, the Liangjiang New District held the topping-out ceremony of the first batch of CCCC smart parking complexes and the groundbreaking ceremony of the second batch of projects. By the end of next year, nine smart parking complexes (parking lots) will be added in t...

Wearing an ID card, 1300 cows in exchange for 15 million yuan grant

Wearing an ID card, 1300 cows in exchange...


At the end of October last year, the Tianjin Branch of the People's Bank of China, the Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Municipal Agricultural Commission and the Municipal Financial Bureau jointly issued a notice to carry out mortgage financing for li...

UAV mobile smart city system platform contributes to the construction of digital Gansu

UAV mobile smart city system platform con...


Rapid handling of traffic accidents, detection of forest pests and diseases, emergency rescue guarantee, comprehensive management of urban management… On March 24, the reporter learned from the Corbett Aviation 2023 New Product Launch Conference and China UAV Manufacturing Alliance Conferen...

Chongqing Library Launches “Senseless Intelligent Borrowing System”

Chongqing Library Launches “Sensele...


On March 23, Chongqing Library officially opened the industry's first "open non-sensing smart lending system" to readers. This time, the "open non-sensing smart lending system" is launched in the Chinese book lending area on the third floor of the Chongqing Library. Comp...

Single-Use RFID Wristbands

Single-Use RFID Wristbands


Compared with RFID smart cards, one-time use disposable RFID wristbands are more flexible and convenient.The chip can use 125Khz and 13.56Mhz frequency such as TK4100,Mifare,NFC etc. Both color and printing pattern can be customized. wristband material can be woven, label, silk, or disposable DuP...

Celebrate Women’s Day and offer blessings to every woman

Celebrate Women’s Day and offer ble...


Without the sun, flowers will not bloom; without true love, happiness will have nowhere to spread; without women, the world will lose half of its light. Today is International Women's Day, and our company has distributed Women's Day gifts to all female employees who are ...

Good day!

Good day!


This is Chengdu MIND,a 26 years professional RFID card manufacturer in China. Our main products are pvc ,wooden,metal card. With the progress of the Sociaty and people's attention to environmental protection, the recently emerging PETG environmental protection card is fa...

Chengdu Mind delegation to participate in 2023 Alibaba March Trade Festival PK competition

Chengdu Mind delegation to participate in...


March is coming. Alibaba Central and Western Region of Sichuan region cooperated with major foreign trade enterprises to hold Alibaba March Trade Festival PK Competition, with up to 147 participating enterprises. The elite business backbone led their teams to prepare act...

The national new-generation artificial intelligence “smart transportation” project has been launched in Sichuan

The national new-generation artificial in...


Sichuan is expected to take the lead in "smart transportation" by installing an ETC device on an ordinary vehicle to enable autonomous driving and free running on expressways. On February 24, the launch ceremony of a major project of national new-generation artificial in...

China Unicom will soon release the world’s first “5G RedCap commercial module

China Unicom will soon release the world&...


China Unicom announced that it will release the world's first "5G Redcap commercial module" at the MWC 2023 5G Innovation Conference in Barcelona. It starts at 17:55 on February 27, 2023. In January this year, China Unicom 5G RedCap White Paper was released, aiming to pr...

China will usher in a satellite intensive launch period in 2023 to build satellite Internet.

China will usher in a satellite intensive...


China's first high-throughput satellite with a capacity of over 100 Gbps, Zhongxing 26, will soon be launched, marking the start of a new era of satellite Internet application services in China. In the future, China's Starlink system will have a network of 12,992 low-orb...

Shenzhen Baoan has built a “1+1+3+N” smart community system

Shenzhen Baoan has built a “1+1+3+N...


Shenzhen Baoan has built a “1+1+3+N” smart community system In recent years, Baoan District of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, has continuously promoted the construction of smart communities,building a “1+1+3+N” smart community system. “1″ means to build a compre...