Picc Ya ‘an Branch took the lead in the innovative use of “electronic ear tag” technology in Ya ‘an!

A few days ago, PICC Property insurance Ya ‘an Branch revealed that under the guidance of the Ya ‘an Supervision Branch of the
State Financial Supervision and Administration, the company took the lead in successfully piloting the application of aquaculture
insurance “electronic ear tag” technology to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural insurance and help rural

“The chip embedded in the ‘electronic ear tag’ can accurately verify the number of farmers by setting, scanning and recording the
ear tag, and intelligent record the identity information of pigs, so that each livestock has a traceable ‘electronic identity card’.”
According to the relevant person in charge of the People’s Insurance and Property Insurance Branch of Ya ‘an City, compared with
the traditional ear tag, the “electronic ear tag” has the characteristics of simple operation, accurate identification, traceability, easy
to lose, more wear resistance, etc., which realizes the whole process control of the company’s pig breeding, eliminates the situation
of insufficient insurance, greatly improves the compliance of the breeding industry insurance, and reduces the business risk.

Picc Ya 'an Branch took the lead in the innovative use of electronic ear tag technology in Ya 'an! (1)

In addition, the “electronic ear tag” uses an encrypted format for security and anti-counterfeiting. At the underwriting end, mobile DV
standard inspection photos are used to accurately determine the identity of the insured subject, and the software automatically exports
the list and analyzes the data in the background. Claim side, the use of wechat remote self-help survey, time lock, prevent repeated claims,
improve claims timeliness, reduce human and material costs. The use of “electronic ear tag” effectively solves the problem of information
asymmetry, automatic generation of management files, more perfect information, real and effective data collection, and more accurate and
standardized underwriting and claims data.

Picc Ya 'an Branch took the lead in the innovative use of electronic ear tag technology in Ya 'an! (2)

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Post time: Aug-20-2023