smart ic bank card case

Smart IC bank card

Bank card is divided into magnetic stripe card and Smart IC card including contact IC chip card and rfid card also we call contactless ic card.

Smart IC bank card refers to the card with ic chip as transaction medium. Smart IC chip card not only supports many financial applications, such as debit and credit, e-cash, e-wallet, offline payment, rapid payment, but also can be applied in many industries such as finance, transportation, communication, commerce, education, medical treatment, social security and tourism and entertainment, so as to truly realize the multi-function of one card and provide customers with more abundant value-added services.

The smart IC chip card has a large capacity, its working principle is similar to that of a microcomputer, and it can have multiple functions at the same time. Smart IC chip card is divided into pure rfid chip card, pure contact ic chip card and magnetic stripe+ contact ic chip composite card and dual interface(both contact and contactless) smart card.

At present, MIND supplies smart ic bank cards and bank peripheral products to many local banks in Southeast Asian countries, such as ATM thermal receipt roll paper, bank scratch card with PIN code, bank card use manual, password paper, etc.

Mind provide personalized deboss number/capital printing, personalized magnetic writing including encoding data on track 1/2/3, personalized chip encryption, data correspondence and other services.

Post time: Oct-25-2020