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Soft anti-metal label

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RFID anti metal tag is also a kind of electronic rfid tag, which is generally used to transmit and receive data. The surface will use materials that can absorb electromagnetic waves. This material also has some advantages:like lighter in weight, can withstand high temperature, damp proof, can resist corrosion.

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In today's market, most metal resistant electronic labels can't be printed directly on barcode printers. Because the labels are very thick, they need to be printed on the ordinary electronic labels and then pasted on the anti metal materials, which brings great inconvenience to the label printing in fixed assets management.

MIND have developed this kind of metal resistant label that can be printed directly on barcode printer. Which we call it printable flexible soft anti metal label.

flexible soft metal resistant label (printable) can be used on metal surface with good resistance, good performance, good direction and long reading distance. It is suitable for sticking on curved surface assets such as metal cylinder. It can be used in RFID asset management, gas cylinder tracking, traffic control, logistics management, dangerous goods management, etc.

Product Application

RFID anti-metal tag (1)

Parameter table

Model MND7006 Name UHF Flexible On-metal Label
Material PET Size 95*22*1.25mm
Working Temp -20℃~+75℃ Survival Temp -40℃~+100℃
RFID Standard EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)
Chip Type Impinj Monza R6-P
EPC Memory 128(96)bit
User Memory 32(64)bit
Max Read Range 865-868MHz 8 meters
902-928MHz 8 meters
Data Storage > 10 years
Re-write 100,000 times
Installation Adhesive
Customization Company logo printing,Encoding,Barcode,Number,etc
Application Warehouse shelf
IT asset tracking
Metallic container tracking
Equipment&device tracking
Automotive components tracking, etc.

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