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NFC anti-metal tags

Short Description:

RFID anti metal tag is also a kind of electronic rfid tag, which is generally used to transmit and receive data. The surface will use materials that can absorb electromagnetic waves. This material also has some advantages:like lighter in weight, can withstand high temperature, damp proof, can resist corrosion.

Product Detail

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NFC anti metal tag is made of paper adhesive or PVC card with a layer of absorbing material, which can achieve the effect of anti metal interference. The label can be read and written on the surface of metal. PVC with metal resistant label can prevent water, acid, alkali and collision, and can be used outdoors.
The NFC anti metal tag produced by MINA can be compatible with the following four categories of NFC labels:

The first type of NFC anti metal tag is based on 14443a protocol. The minimum label memory is 96 bytes, which can be dynamically expanded. If tags only involve simple read-write storage, such as the implementation of simple intelligent poster function, such tags are fully available. This kind of tag is mainly used to read information and has the advantages of simple operation and low cost.

The second type of NFC anti metal label is also based on 14443a protocol, but only supports Mifare ultralight card provided by Phlips.

The third type NFC metal resistant label is the fecila technology type provided exclusively by Sony.

The fourth type NFC anti metal tag is compatible with 14443A/B protocol. This kind of tag belongs to intelligent tag, receives the instruction of application protocol data unit (APDU), has large storage space, can complete some authentication or security algorithm, and can be used to realize intelligent interaction and related operation of dual interface label. This kind of label has a wide range of applications and can adapt to the continuous research and development in the future.

Product Application

RFID anti-metal tag (1)

Parameter table

Model MND3007 Name HF/NFC Paper Metal Tag
Material PET/Paper/Wave-absorbing Dimensions D=25mm (Customizable)
Color White/Gray Weight 2.5g
Working Temp -20℃~75℃ Storage Temp -40℃~75℃
RFID Standard ISO14443A & 15693
Frequency 13.56MHz
Chip Type Ntag 213/FM1108/MF 1k/ultralight/I-code SLI
Memory 64bits/192bits/512 bits/1K bits/ 4K byte
Read Range 1-10cm
Data Storage > 10 years
Re-write 100,000 times
Installation Adhesive
Customization Company logo printing,Encoding,Barcode,Number,etc
Application IT asset management,
Inventory management,
Goods shelves management,
Metallic Equipment Management,etc.

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