• 125khz LF rfid card

    125khz LF rfid card

    MIND offer EM4305, EM4200, EM4100, TK4100 (compatible with EM4100 chip), ATMEL T5577 and compatible HID 125KHZ LF Smart RFID Cards, mostly LF Smart RFID Cards are read only like EM4100, TK4100 etc. But ATMEL T5577 and HID 26bits and HID 37 bits can read and re-write data inside.

  • Dual frequency rfid card/Hybrid card

    Dual frequency rfid card/Hybrid card

    Dual frequency rfid card is a kind of intelligent induction card with high technology and complete functions. The combination of low frequency card, high frequency card and UHF card is also known as double frequency card. It is mainly used in banks, schools and other areas.

  • Fudan F08 card

    Fudan F08 card

    The Fudan F08 card is composed of fm11rf08 chip, antenna and card base; it does not carry power supply; it obtains the energy from the reader through the antenna to work, and the communication with the reader is realized by radio frequency technology.

  • Mifare card

    Mifare card

    Mifare card is using NXP original chip, like NXP mifare classic 1k s50, NXP mifare classic 4k s70, NXP mifare Ultralight ev1, NXP mifare Ultralight c, NXP mifare Desfire 2k/4k/8k ev1, NXP desfire 2k/4k/8k ev2 and NXP mifare plus 2k/4k etc.

  • NFC cards

    NFC cards

    NFC is a wireless connection technology which provides easy, safe and rapid communication. Compared with RFID, NFC has the characteristics of close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption.

  • RFID clawshell card

    RFID clawshell card

    Most RFID clawshell card is in 125Khz frequency and with Atmel chip: T5577 or E-Marine chip: EM4100, we also have competiable chip options like TK4100 clawshell cards if customer required.

  • Transparent plastic card

    Transparent plastic card

    Mind transparent card, clear business card, frosted card is made of 100% brand new PVC material and follows the international standard ISO 78116. Also can be customized size and thickness.

  • Scratch card

    Scratch card

    Scratch area and scratch quantity and scratch color/diecut can be customized. We offer many personalization options.

  • Abnormal card

    Abnormal card

    Mind have more than 500 different molds (with different shape/size) for PVC abnormal card and also we can do any customized size, thickness and shape according to customer drawing.

  • Gift card

    Gift card

    Gift card is a kind of smart card. It is composed of chip and induction antenna. The chip and induction antenna are packaged in a card. The card is made of standard PVC, ABS, pet and other materials, with no exposed part.

  • ID card

    ID card

    Mind customized ID card is made of 100% brand new PVC material and follows the international standard ISO 7816.

  • Inkjet printer pvc card

    Inkjet printer pvc card

    MIND Inkjet PVC Cards have a special nano-coating on surface, it can absord ink. Therefore, it can print on inkjet printer such as Epson, Canon printer.It’s cost saving for printing cost and customer no need buy high cost ID card printing separately.