Urban lighting intelligent Chengdu more than 60,000 street lamps have done “identity card”

In 2021, Chengdu will start the intelligent transformation of urban lighting facilities, and it is planned to replace all the existing sodium light sources in Chengdu municipal functional lighting facilities with LED light sources in three years. After a year of renovation, the special census of lighting facilities in the main urban area of Chengdu was also launched,and this time, the “ID card” for street lights became the key. The “ID card” contains all the information of the light pole,providing accurate positioning for street lamp maintenance and public repair, and allowing street lamps to access the ”network” through digital twin technology to achieve accurate control of each street lamp. According to the relevant person in charge of Chengdu City Investment Smart City Technology Co., LTD., as of now, Chengdu has completed the ”identity card” processing of more than 64,000 street lamps.

It is understood that in order to match the needs of various lighting management and maintenance in the main urban area of Chengdu, Chengdu Lighting Internet of Things big data Center came into being. The platform can actively and accurately identify the type of street lamp fault, equipment identification, GIS geographical location and other information.After recei the fault information, the platform will classify the algorithm according to the road section, safety hazards, and fault categories, and distribute the work order to the first-line maintenance personnel, and collect and archive the maintenance results to form an efficient closed-loop management.

“To give the street light ID card, not just put a sign plate so simple”, the relevant person in charge of the platform introduced,”in the process of surveying the lighting facilities, we will collect the category, quantity, status, attribute, geographical location and other information in detail, and give each main light pole a unique identity. And through the digital twin, the light poles
really ‘live’ with us in the streets of Chengdu.”

After taking out a mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the street lamp “ID card”, you can enter the light pole ”medical treatment” page – Chengdu street lamp repair wechat mini program, which records the basic information such as the number of the light pole and the road where it is located. “When citizens encounter a street lamp failure in their lives, they can locate the faulty light pole by scanning the code, and if they cannot scan the two-dimensional code because of dirt and missing, they can also locate and report the obstacle through the repair mini program.” Chengdu lighting iot big data center staff said. The previously completed transformation of the light pole is also particularly important at this time. A variety of intelligent diagnosis and treatment equipment including a single light controller, intelligent monitoring box, and water monitoring sensors to replace manual inspection, when these sensing devices perceive the abnormal health status of urban lighting, they will immediately alert the lighting Internet of Things big data center.

Post time: Jul-20-2023