Unigroup has announced the launch of its first satellite communications SoC V8821

Recently, Unigroup Zhanrui officially announced that in response to the new trend of satellite communication development, it launched the first satellite communication SoC chip V8821.

At present, the chip has taken the lead in completing 5G NTN(non-terrestrial network) data transmission,short message, call, location sharing and other functional and performance tests with industry partners such as China Telecom, China Mobile, ZTE, vivo, Weiyuan Communication, Keye Technology, Penghu Wuyu,Baicaibang, etc. It provides rich application services for mobile phone direct connection satellite, satellite Internet of Things, satellite vehicle networking and other fields.

According to reports, the V8821 has the advantage of high integration, integrating common functions of communication equipment such as baseband, radio frequency, power management, and storage on a single chip platform. The chip is based on 3GPP NTN R17 standard, using IoT NTN network as infrastructure, easy to integrate with the ground core network.

V8821 provides functions such as data transmission, text messages, calls and location sharing through L-band maritime satellites and S-band Tiantong satellites, and can be extended to support access to other high-orbit satellite systems, widely applicable to the communication needs of areas difficult to cover by cellular networks such as oceans, urban edges and remote mountains.

Post time: Jul-28-2023