RFID intelligent management enables fresh supply chain

Fresh products are consumers' daily life demand and indispensable commodities, but also an important category of fresh enterprises, China's fresh market scale in recent years continued to grow steadily, 2022 fresh market scale exceeded 5 trillion yuan mark.

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for fresh quality, the scale of the fresh market has steadily expanded, and the timeliness requirements for fresh enterprises from receiving, processing and circulation to the hands of consumers have become stronger and stronger.

Fresh enterprises how to provide fresher, faster, more convenient, more transparent and safer fresh products from the whole process of operation has received more attention.

In each link of fresh product circulation, we scan the RFID tag on the turnover box through the reading and writing equipment, which can be traced from top to bottom, quickly obtain the relevant information of the production, processing, circulation and consumption of the product, strictly closed-loop management of the whole process of fresh products, and enhance the traceability ability of product quality and safety responsibility. When consumers buy problematic fresh products, businesses can promptly backtrack the whole process from bottom to top to help locate the problem links and the scope of problem products, which is conducive to fresh product recall and product safety supervision, so as to quickly respond to control the expansion of safety accidents and avoid the occurrence of social quality and safety incidents.

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Post time: Mar-29-2024