All Macau Casinos to Install RFID Tables

Operators have been using RFID chips to combat cheating, improve inventory management and reduce dealer errors Apr 17, 2024The six gaming operator in Macau informed authorities they plan to install RFID tables in the coming months.

The decision comes as Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) urged the casino operators to update their monitoring systems on the gaming floor. The technology rollout is expected to help operators maximize floor productivity and balance competition in the lucrative Macau gaming market.

RFID technology was first introduced in Macau in 2014 by MGM China. RFID chips are used to combat cheating, improve inventory management and reduce dealer errors. The technology utilizes analytics that enable a deeper understanding of player behavior for more effective marketing.

Benefits of RFID

According to a published report, Bill Hornbuckle, chief executive and president of MGM Resorts International thast is majority owner of Macau casino concessionaire MGM China Holdings Ltd, an important benefit of RFID was that it was possible to link gaming chips to an individual player, and thus identify and track overseas players. The tracking iof players is desired to see expanded the city’s traditional tourism market of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Post time: May-13-2024