RFID Dry Inlay

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Mind supply a lot of special rfid tags like RFID laundry tag,RFID Jewelry tag,RFID windshield tag,RFID tire tag,RFID garment tag etc.

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Inlay is a special term for RFID industry, which refers to a pre laminated product composed of multi-layer PVC or other materials containing chips and coils. After different forms of packaging, different kinds of RFID tags can be made. Inlay can be understood as semi-finished products without encapsulation of RFID tags.
RFID inlay can be divided into dry inlay and wet inlay.
RFID Dry inlay does not contain back glue, and its structure is antenna + chip + chip package;
RFID Wet inlay contains back glue, which can be directly attached to objects. The structure is antenna + chip + chip package + PET + Glue+ Release paper

Frequency requirements: 869-915mhz-uhf / 13.56mhz-iso14443 / 13.56mhz-iso 15693.


Product parameter

Product type 9710/9730/9762 etc
Air Interface Protocol EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Operation Frequency 860~960Mhz
IC Type M4E,M4D ,M4QT, Higgs-3, Higgs-4, Ucode G2
Memory EPC 96-480 bit, User 512 bit, TID 32 bit
EPC Memory Content Unique, randomized number
Max Read Distance >3 m (10 feet)
Application Surface Materials Glass, Plastic, Wood, Cardboard
Tag Form Factor Dry Inlay/wet inlay/White wet inlay(label)
Tag Materials TT Printable White Film
Attachment Method General Purpose Adhesive or enclose coated paper
Antenna Size 44*44mm (MIND has more than 50 types of different antenna mold for options)
Inlay size 52*51.594mm  (MIND has more than 50 types of different antenna mold for options)
Weight < 1 gram
Operating Temp  -40° to +70°C
Storage condition 20% to 90% RH
Applications Assets management
Reusable plastic pallets
Costume label
File management
Logistics management


F (1)

F (1)

F (21)

F (1)

F (1)

F (1)

Carton size

Quantity carton size weight(KG)
2000 30*20*21.5cm 0.9kg
5000 30*30*20cm 2.0kg
10000 30*30*40cm 4.0kg
packaging process2 (1)

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