Wonderful and wonderful Congratulations to Chengdu Maide for the successful conclusion of the 2021 half-year conference and team building activities!

Chengdu Mind IoT Technology Co., Ltd. held a half-year summary meeting on July 9, 2021. During the entire meeting, our leaders reported a set of exciting data.
The company's performance has been in the past six months. It also set a new brilliant record, marking a perfect end to our first half of the year.
After the meeting, our company held a Million Sales Hero Listing Ceremony for the salespersons with sales over 1 million.
This ceremony was used to commend and motivate more salespersons to achieve sales of over one million orders as soon as possible.
After that, we held a birthday party for the employees who had their birthday in July, and prepared a lucky draw, so that the
employees of the company could feel the warmth of family,and everyone's face was filled with a happy smile.


After the agenda was over, our company's management team drove to Tiantai Mountain in Qionglai for an interesting team building activity.
Everyone gathered together to chat, indulge and sing, and from work to life, they pulled the distance between each other.
The next morning, after breakfast, we set off from the hotel and started climbing, feeling the fresh air of nature, relaxing,
and group building journey. Wandering through the green mountains and green waters,
the beautiful scenery is eye-catching, the partners work together,and the cohesion of the team while relaxing Has also been promoted.

In addition, with the efforts of all the company’s friends and the support of all friends, the company’s performance in the first half of the year has reached a new high.
In order to further meet the customer’s order requirements, the company has purchased the largest advanced production equipment in history,
pending the commissioning of new equipment.After completion, the production capacity will be greater, the delivery period will be shorter,
and the quality will be better, so stay tuned.

This grand event is very exciting. In the second half of the year, the company will further increase production capacity, accelerate independent development,
give full play to the advantages of self-production, and accelerate the company's development!


Post time: Jul-14-2021