rfid tags – electronic identification cards for tires

With the large number of sales and applications of various vehicles, the number of tire consumption is also increasing. At the same time, tires are also key strategic reserve materials for development, and are the pillars of supporting facilities in the transportation industry. As a kind of network security products and strategic reserve materials, tire also has problems in identification and management methods.

After the formal implementation of the four "Radio Frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags for tires" industry standards approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, they guide the application of RFID technology, the Internet of Things, and mobile Internet technology, so that all kinds of information about the life cycle of each tire are stored in the enterprise database, and information management of tire production, storage, sales, quality tracking and other links is realized.

Tire electronic tags can solve the problems encountered in the process of tire identification and traceability, at the same time, RFID tire tags can be written into tire production data, sales data, use data, refurbishment data, etc., and can be collected and read the corresponding data through the terminal at any time, and then combined with the corresponding management software, you can achieve the record and traceability of the tire life cycle data.

Tyre label (1)
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Post time: May-25-2024