Digital RMB heavyweight function online! Here comes the latest experience

Digital RMB heavyweight function online! The latest experience is that when there is no Internet or electricity, the phone can be “touched” to pay.


Recently, it is reported in the market that the digital RMB no network and no power payment function has been launched in the digital RMB APP.
At the same time, a new entry of “no network and no power payment” has been added to the “payment setting” module of the digital RMB APP
hard wallet of some Android phone users.

On January 12, according to our reporter through the use of a number of Android models of the digital RMB APP experience found that the above
functions have been officially put into use, in the “emergency” scenario should be assumed, quite convenient.

In the view of the industry, its arrival can reflect the universality of digital RMB to a greater extent, and better meet the needs of users. Its convenient
characteristics are beyond doubt, but the ensuing security issues are also worth discussing, namely, the risk of theft after the loss of mobile phones.

A senior fintech researcher pointed out to China Fund News that if a user loses their mobile phone and the function is enabled, it may be extremely
vulnerable to the theft of account funds. “After all, some users may not be aware of the need to set the unencrypted limit along with the process to
prevent the risk of theft if the phone is lost.”

However, in terms of users’ concerns about the security of payment without network or power, relevant people also said that, on the one hand, users
can set the payment times and non-secret limit of payment without network or power, and the background system will carry out transaction risk control
according to user Settings.

When the payment is made without network or power, if the transaction amount exceeds the secret-free limit, the user needs to enter the payment password
on the acceptance device, and the background system verifies the payment before the transaction can proceed. Similarly, if the number of payments exceeds
the limit without Internet or electricity, the transaction will not be able to proceed. On the other hand, if the phone is lost, users can log in to the digital RMB
APP on another phone to turn off the no-network and no-power payment function to prevent the loss of funds.

Post time: Feb-02-2023