China Unicom will soon release the world’s first “5G RedCap commercial module

China Unicom announced that it will release the world's first "5G Redcap commercial module" at the MWC 2023 5G Innovation Conference in Barcelona. It starts at 17:55 on February 27, 2023.

In January this year, China Unicom 5G RedCap White Paper was released, aiming to provide product research and development guidance and technical basis for industrial partners, and promote the accelerated commercialization of RedCap. The white paper analyzes the development needs of RedCap industry, formulates the requirements for basic communication functions and enhanced functions of RedCap products, proposes the product capability portfolio according to the characteristics of the industry, and defines the specific requirements from the perspective of modules and terminal products.

In terms of ecological certification, China Unicom has built 5G OPENLAB to verify RedCap technology, and plans to take the lead in upgrading the end-to-end RedCap test network, and launch the certification system for RedCap module/terminal, to provide partners with RedCap series products featuring Unicom's "end network collaboration".


Post time: Feb-12-2023