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RFID tire tag

Short Description:

Mind supply a lot of special rfid tags like RFID laundry tag,RFID Jewelry tag,RFID windshield tag,RFID tire tag,RFID garment tag etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

RFID laundry tag with soft cloth material, soft and flexible, easy to implant into textiles, can be repeated wash 200-400 times, can withstand short-term high temperature, weak acid and alkali corrosion without damage.
Excellent performance, can read less than 4 meters, can be used in various cloth grass washing, textile enterprise washing projects.

Product Application

Special rfid tags (5)

Parameter table

1.Material: PE/Nylon/ABS
2.Dimension: Hot size: Length:33mm
Slot Size / FlagSize:110*30mm
Bundle Length(Max):Dia75mm
More than 5 different size/type for option
Customized size/shape available
3.OperatingFrequency 125khz,13.56mhz,860MHz to 960MHz
4.ChipType HF: MF 1K, FM1208, Ultralight, Ntag etc
UHF: H3 (9662),M5, Ucode 2 etc
Or any customized chip
5.Read Distance: LF/HF:1-10cm
UHF:1-10 meter ,up to working environment and reader
6.Break Strength: F≥800N
7.Humidityenvironment: Suitable  for  indoor   and  outdoor  usedirt,dust, and water resistant
8.Available crafts: Logo  printing,series  number, barcode
9.Operating  Temperature  -20°C to 70°C
10.Storage Temperature  -40°C to 80°C
11.Data Retention >3years
12.Applications: 1.Access  management
2.Tracking goods
3.Tracking of persons and  animals
4.Toll collection and contactless payment
5.Airport baggage tracking logistics
13.Leadtime 7~9days
14.SampleAvailability: Free samples are available up on request.

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