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Smart card series:
CPU card, contact IC card, non-contact IC card/ID card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card, scratch card, crystal card|Epoxy card, low frequency card|high frequency card|UHF card, smart keychain Card, smart bracelet|RFID wristband, composite card|multi-frequency card, shielding card|shielding card holder.

electronic label:
RFID self-adhesive electronic tags, RFID tray electronic tags, dry/wet Inlay, UHF cable tie electronic tags, RFID waterproof and high temperature resistant electronic tags, RFID ceramic electronic tags, RFID laundry electronic tags, RFID anti-metal electronic tags, RFID clothing tag electronics Tags, RFID patrol electronic tags, jewelry tags, logistics tags, fixed asset tags.

Smart card device:
IC/ID card reader/writer, magnetic stripe/barcode reader/writer, NFC reader/writer, ID card reader/writer, social security card reader/writer, password keyboard, high camera, ID card printer, wristband printer.

IoT applications:
Fixed asset management system, file management system, RFID smart handheld terminal, electronic label printer, smart manhole cover, NB-IoT terminal, smart manhole cover monitoring and management platform solution, NB-IoT application solution, wireless measurement and control terminal, campus safety socket.

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Post time: Feb-22-2021