Wearing an ID card, 1300 cows in exchange for 15 million yuan grant

At the end of October last year, the Tianjin Branch of the People's Bank of China, the Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau,
the Municipal Agricultural Commission and the Municipal Financial Bureau jointly issued a notice to carry out mortgage financing for
live livestock and poultry such as cattle, pigs, sheep, and laying hens throughout the city. Smart Animal Husbandry Loan”, so there is
this live livestock and poultry mortgage loan.

How can live livestock and poultry be mortgaged and risk controlled? Each cow has a smart QR code ear tag with a chip on its ear, which
is their "digital ID card". With the help of the IoT platform, the location and health of the cattle can be monitored in real time.

For a long time, the mortgage of live livestock and poultry assets has been a major problem, which has restricted the production and
development of animal husbandry. The "Smart Animal Husbandry Loan" launched by the Agricultural Bank of China uses the innovative
model of "Internet of Things supervision + chattel mortgage" to enable large-scale livestock and poultry farms with leading technology
to realize defensible financing for live livestock.


Post time: Mar-29-2023