Warmly welcome the representative of Catalonia Shanghai to visit Chengdu Mind IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD !

On July 8, 2021, members of the representative members of the Catalan region in Shanghai went to Chengdu Mind IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.
to start a one-day inspection and exchange interview.

The Catalonia region has an area of 32,108 square kilometers, a population of 7.5 million, accounting for 16% of the total population of Spain, a GDP
of 223.6 billion euros, accounting for 23% of Spain’s industrial output, and exports.Reached 65.1 billion euros, accounting for 34% of Spanish
conventional export companies, and 7086 foreign-funded enterprises settled in.

Catalonia is the most attractive destination for investment in Southern Europe, with the capital Barcelona serving as
The most suitable city on earth to live and work, exudes a magnet-like jasmine, attracting global companies and professionals to come,
and it has become a global model of mobile IoT smart cities.
At the same time, Barcelona is also the city of choice for foreign direct investment.It is an international economy integrating industrialization,
diversification, business atmosphere, innovative culture, and talent education.

During the process, the Shanghai representatives from Catalonia visited our factory and production line, and had in-depth exchanges with
factory leaders and the company’s core technical team.In addition, the Shanghai representative of Catalonia also introduced us to the
Internet of Things Solutions Exhibition in Spain, and invited us to attend and participate in the Internet of Things Exhibition in Spain.

After a full inspection of our factory and a conversation with core technical personnel, the Shanghai representative from Catalonia put forward a series
of invitations to us, including the introduction of talents and equipment for our overseas or Internet of Things innovation and technology.
For all needs such as introduction and technical training, they can integrate some supplier resources for us.
I hope that our future will produce more bilateral cooperation to benefit the people of the two places.


Post time: Jul-12-2021