UAV mobile smart city system platform contributes to the construction of digital Gansu

Rapid handling of traffic accidents, detection of forest pests and diseases, emergency rescue guarantee, comprehensive management of urban management… On March 24, the reporter learned from the Corbett Aviation 2023 New Product Launch Conference and China UAV Manufacturing Alliance Conference held in Lanzhou. The company’s self-developed “Tianmu General – UAV Mobile Smart City System Platform” can effectively focus on urban management, emergency response, traffic management, fire control, public security patrols, event security, disaster prevention and other scenarios to carry out drone applications. Services, comprehensively help the government to improve its “digital service capabilities”, and contribute to the construction of digital Gansu.



It is reported that the “Tianmu General – UAV Mobile Smart City System Platform” displayed at the event will provide smarter and more convenient urban management fields such as traffic management, ecological environment inspection, key place inspection, and urban street management inspection. Drone technical support. In addition, a variety of industrial drones with different functions and drone mounts are suitable for applications and operations in industrial scenarios such as electric power, agriculture, public security, urban management, emergency response, and fire protection.



Participants also gained a deeper understanding of the remote on-site command and dispatch of the UAV command vehicle and the smart highlights of intelligent analysis on the cloud by obser the on-site operation of the smart UAV command vehicle-Pioneer II. The popularization and application of these hardware and software technologies provides a reliable operation plan for Gansu to upgrade its urban governance model and improve its government governance system. It is of positive significance for Gansu to further improve the level of informatization and achieve high-quality economic and social development.

Post time: Mar-29-2023