The national new-generation artificial intelligence “smart transportation” project has been launched in Sichuan

Sichuan is expected to take the lead in "smart transportation" by installing an ETC device on an ordinary vehicle to enable autonomous driving and free running on expressways. On February 24, the launch ceremony of a major project of national new-generation artificial intelligence "holographic sensing and digital twin technology and Application Demonstration of Highway traffic system" was held in Chengdu. One of the ultimate goals of the project research direction is to realize autonomous driving. This project is the first major project research undertaken by an enterprise affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Technology in Sichuan Province. It is recommended by the Ministry of Transport, led by Shudao Investment Group Co., LTD., and jointly applied and carried out by 10 institutions including Sichuan Digital Transportation Technology Co., LTD., Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Tongji University, Southeast University, etc. It aims to focus on overcoming a series of "bottleneck" core technologies, and promote the holographic sensing and digital twin technology in the international leading level.

According to the introduction, the project will realize the first cross-border integration of "artificial intelligence + highway traffic" field, from the theoretical method, calculation model, simulation, hybrid enhancement, application demonstration and promotion of five sub-topics, and finally realize the highway traffic system can see, diagnose and manage.

The project is expected to establish 6 sets of model systems and platforms, formulate no less than 8 national and industrial standards, and carry out demonstration of the application of over 1,100 kilometers of expressway network. The construction accuracy of the whole sample can reach 90%, the number of road network nodes can support no less than 1000, and the road network simulation accuracy is greater than 85%. The Cheng-Yi Expressway is the first smart expressway built by Shudao Group in China, which covers the whole line of cooperation between vehicles and roads. The 157 kilometers of the expressway has been upgraded smartly, and the number of traffic accidents has decreased by 60% year-on-year. At present, Shudao Group has completed the hardware installation of vehicle-road cooperation on 1,000 kilometers of expressways, and strives to put them into use this year. The initial goal is to realize all-weather traffic.


Post time: Feb-16-2023