The advantages of RFID technology in the medical system supply chain

RFID helps run and enhance complex supply chain management and critical inventory by enabling point-to-point tracking and real-time visibility.
The supply chain is highly interrelated and interdependent, and RFID technology helps to synchronize and transform this correlation, improve supply
chain efficiency, and create a smart supply chain. In the field of medicine frontier, RFID is also promoting the upgrade of the pharmaceutical digital supply chain.

The advantages of RFID technology in the medical system supply chain (1)

The pharmaceutical supply chain has long faced a number of challenges: how to ensure visibility into the pharmaceutical process? How to ensure the quality and safety
of medicine? How to coordinate supply chain logistics management efficiently? With the popularization of RFID technology in various fields, many medical and health
institutions have also turned their attention to RFID technology.

How to ensure proper visibility in the supply chain, ensure quality and safety, and coordinate efficient operations. In addressing these challenges, RFID technology can
help improve efficiency, security and sustainability. RFID provides supply chain field-proven solutions that enable pharmaceutical point-to-point visibility, faster operations,
and data-driven smart supply chain logistics.

Medical supplies management, not only includes the traditional supply chain management of inventory management, billing management and logistics management, for
the quality and safety of production and transportation, has higher requirements. Healthcare organizations such as hospitals operate extremely complex and critical supply
chains, and RFID medical supplies management can automate and improve operational efficiency.

Each RFID electronic tag has a separate coded ID number, which can implement traceability in line with pharmaceutical UDI, certify products and effectively control the
management and distribution of medical supplies and medical consumables, and further guarantee the safety of drugs and patients. Hospitals, on the other hand, are
improving operational efficiency by automating replenishment, tracking deliveries, optimizing immediate inventory through real-world and real-time data analytics, and
closely monitoring consignment inventory and controlled substances.

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The advantages of RFID technology in the medical system supply chain (2)


Post time: Sep-28-2023