Talking about the future of RFID and the IOT

The Internet of Things is an extremely broad concept and does not specifically refer to a certain technology, while RFID is a well-defined and fairly mature technology.
Even when we mention the Internet of Things technology, we must clearly see that the Internet of Things technology is by no means a specific technology, but a collection
of various technologies, including RFID technology, sensor technology, embedded system technology, and so on.

What we can foresee is that the development relationship between RFID and the Internet of Things will remain close for a long time to come.

The Internet of Things has different understandings at different times and in different regions. As early as 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao proposed to “perceive China”, and the
Internet of Things has become one of the country’s five emerging strategic industries. It can be seen that the Internet of Things has received a high degree of attention in China,
and it can also be seen that the Internet of Things we are referring to is more based on the understanding of the domestic environment.
With the development of the times, there are more and more technologies covered by the Internet of Things technology, but RFID has always been one of the most basic technologies.
Because, in the overall construction of the Internet of Things, the perception layer is the most basic link and the most widely covered part, and this is where the advantage of RFID technology lies.

With the continuous improvement of the level of digitalization in all walks of life, UHF RFID has become a major development trend in the industry. At the same time, with the continuous
improvement of China’s international status, more and more domestic RFID companies are expanding their business overseas. At the same time, domestic manufacturers are also actively
increasing production capacity to more quickly grasp opportunities for market growth.

As the largest production place in the global RFID industry, China is also one of the most important commercial markets, and has a pivotal position in the global RFID industry chain. Therefore,
the development of the domestic RFID industry is not only closely related to the development of China’s Internet of Things, but also has a certain relationship with the development of the global
Internet of Things.


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