Shenzhen Baoan has built a “1+1+3+N” smart community system

Shenzhen Baoan has built a “1+1+3+N” smart community system

In recent years, Baoan District of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, has continuously promoted the construction of smart communities,building a “1+1+3+N” smart community system. “1″ means to build a comprehensive smart community platform with the guidance of Party building as the core; “3″ means to focus on the three aspects of community party affairs, community governance and community services; “N” means to carry out multiple specific applications on the basis of the platform to create community overview, community governance, community services and other sections.

Bao ‘an District has established a three-level intelligent control system of “district, street and community” and a comprehensive government affairs service system of “Smart Bao ‘an”. By using the big data center resources of Bao ‘an District and taking the community as the center, the community management team, community population, space resources, commercial subjects and other data are integrated to initially form a “smart community” block of data and “intelligent board”. We will help communities to keep a clear picture of their situation and improve the modernization of their governance system and capacity.

“AI (artificial intelligence) mobile grid worker” real-time “patrol” all the roads in the community, found the problem of road occupation, littering, littering and so on, will automatically report and automatically allocate to the supervisor for disposal, warning accuracy of 95%, reduce the pressure of community grid worker patrol; “AI Fire Quick Sensing” connects all kinds of fire fighting equipment in the community to the Internet of Things sensing system. The intelligent fire extinguisher can send the information data of bottle pressure, location and surrounding temperature to the background in real time. When the monitoring information of the fire extinguisher is abnormal, the system will give an early warning in the first time and notify the staff of the property service enterprise in the community to go to the scene for verification and disposal in time.

“AI Sky Eye” will connect the information of key roads, shops, communities, schools and other places to the community service center to check the community safety risks at any time, especially in severe weather conditions such as typhoons and rainstorms, real-time monitoring of environmental insecurity, so as to achieve advance prevention and timely warning.

The relevant person in charge said that Bao ‘an District will continue to focus on the goal of improving the intelligent, professional and socialized level of grassroots governance, focus on building a grid, fine and informationized grassroots governance service platform, and gradually build a visible, tangible and felt smart community.


Post time: Feb-05-2023