Ossia announced a partnership with Fujitsu and Marubun on the ePaper RFID tag project

Ossia has announced the creation of Cota Real Wireless Power. It’s a new technology that wirelessly transmits power over the air over long distances.
Ossia also announced a strategic three-way partnership with Marubun and Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solutions (FSM) and launched a line of e-paper
RFID tags. Ossia and Marubun have been working on developing a wirelessly powered Internet of Things (IoT) sensor receiver that can be embedded in a
variety of electronic devices.


FSM provides storage products and solutions using ferroelectric random access memory, including battery-free solutions using RFID technology. Satoshi Fujino,
senior vice president of Marubun, said in the statement that using wireless power for the Internet of Things, such as ESL and RFID, makes a lot of business sense.
Wires and batteries are so limited that both devices have been hampered by widespread innovation, let alone adoption. The Cota Real Wireless Power project makes
ESL and RFID really feasible and useful, and opens the door to extended use cases.

The Cota Real wireless power system automatically delivers concentrated power to hundreds of RFID tags, asset tracking systems and shelf tags simultaneously over the
air, without user intervention, maintenance, batteries or wiring. It can be used around people and pets or managed remotely through the cloud. We are committed to
creating new possibilities for a more sustainable world by connecting people, technology and ideas, Kohji Nozoe, head of the Solutions Business Unit at FSM, added in
the prepared statement.


Doug Stovall, CEO of Ossia, said this strategic partnership allows us to drive the future of asset tracking systems such as digital shelf tags and smart barcodes in a sustainable,
practical and seamless manner. Marubun and FSM are forward-thinking innovators, and we are honored to be able to work with them, and with this announcement, we are
encouraging more practitioners who want to make a difference to solve even more problems.

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Post time: Feb-02-2023