Nvidia has identified Huawei as its biggest competitor for two reasons

In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Nvidia for the first time identified Huawei as its biggest competitor in several major
categories, including artificial intelligence chips. From the current news, Nvidia regards Huawei as its biggest competitor, mainly for the following
two reasons:

First, the global landscape of advanced process chips that drive AI technology is changing. Nvidia said in the report that Huawei is a competitor in
four of its five major business categories, including supplying Gpus/cpus, among others. "Some of our competitors may have greater marketing,
financial, distribution and manufacturing resources than we do, and may be better able to adapt to customer or technological changes," Nvidia said.

Secondly, affected by a series of AI chip export restrictions in the United States, Nvidia is unable to export advanced chips to China, and Huawei's products
are its excellent substitutes.


Post time: Feb-26-2024