NFC smart wristbands are relatively popular products in recent years.


The product material is mainly silicone. Can accept a variety of personalized processes such as: LOGO customization, laser engra,
silk screen printing and so on.Support variety colors: blue, yellow, red, white, black, green and so on.


It can package low-frequency (125Khz)chips, high-frequency(13.56Mhz) chips, and ultra-high-frequency (860Mhz-960Mhz) chips.
The working temperature can be between -30°C and 75°C.
Compared with smart cards, smart wristbands are flexible, easy to wear, easy to use, waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof and high temperature resistant.

Now it has been widely used in extremely humid environments such as campuses, amusement parks, water parks, buses, community access control, and field
operations. It can be used normally even under harsh conditions such as soaking in water for a long time.
At present, our company has a very mature technology, welcome new and old customers to come to order.

Post time: Feb-02-2023