New product/#RFID pure #wood #cards

In recent years, environmentally friendly and special materials have made #RFID #wooden cards increasingly popular in the global market, and many #hotels have gradually replaced PVC key cards with wooden ones, some companies have also replaced PVC business cards with wooden #cards, all of which demonstrate everyone's environmental identity

Our company vigorously researches and develops our wooden card products, and the wooden card process has reached a very mature stage.We are uses pure wood materials, which are completely environmentally friendly
Many processes available: UV printing,laser engraved,silk screen,gold foil, etc
Many types of wood available: basswood, maple, bamboo, cherry, beech, rosewood, etc
Many shapes available: any size and any shape can be cut
With FSC certified wood

If you are interest,pls feel free contac me for more details


Post time: Jan-15-2024