Product code


Dimensions (mm)


Display technology

E ink

Active display area (mm)

29(H) * 66.9(V)

Resolution (pixels)


Pixel size (mm)


Pixel colors


Viewing angle


Operating temperature



NO Battery & NFC power supply

Operating frequency

13.56 MHZ NFC

Proximity sensing


Support content format

Text/Picture/QR code/Barcode

Template design DIY


Product features:

1. NFC card is a passive ultra-thin card that requires no power supply and can update more than 1 million times, providing a long service life

2. Original fast scanning technology, intelligent NFC sensing label, quickly update in seconds.

3. Supported content format: text/bar code/qr code/picture.

4. Pop-up editing interface, template design can be DIY, more templates to switch at will.

5. Ultra-thin shell, size: 85.8*41*2.9mm.

6. Support data interconnection and use a dedicated card reader.

7. IP66 waterproof and dust-proof structure design, safer.

8. Built-in status prompt LED to ensure the use of certainty.

9. Customers can develop apps by themselves, and we provide protocol.

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NFC ESL Solution:

NFC labels connect to the servers and controllers through dedicated card reader devices. The customer sends instructions to the controller, which transmits data through a dedicated card reader device, and the label content will be updated immediately.

NFC ESL work program:

Program ① Cloud NFC solution(Software+V2.4 Label Controllers+Card Reader+NFC card): It is suitable for any scenarios.

Program ② Local NFC solution(V4.4 Label Controller+Card Reader+NFC card): V4.4 Label Controller is an integrated server and software device that can be directly connected to the local network without installing the software. It is very simple and convenient to install on the local. It is suitable for Testing ,small scenarios like:store,bakery, shop,pharmacy and so on.

Program ③ Mobile phone NFC solution:Customers develop their own applications to control NFC cards, and we will provide a protocol.

NFC ESL Direction:

1. We provide agreements to develop our own mobile APP;

2. We provide the data protocol of card reader and card reader, which can send data through the serial port of the upper machine;

3. We provide the controller + card reader, operate and modify the content on the computer web page, to ensure the flexible use of the case, do not do any development can also operate on the web page, brush the card content;

4. The device sends instructions to operate through the network interface protocols to realize system docking and automatic card swiping (the data comes from your server).


How does the NFC card work:


Post time: Jan-02-2024