Looking for something unique?


What are metallic business cards?

Available in 2 thicknesses (0.4mm & 0.8mm), our original metal business cards are carved from rolled stainless steel. Our state of the art production capabilities allows us to cut through the steel with incredible precision and to etch the metal surface with bespoke fonts and graphics. We can even alter the shape of the cards perimeter. Etched text contrasts with the unetched fine grained steel surface ensuring legibility.

Printing Effects on our Metal Business Cards
Metal etching, also known and chemical etching or photo etching, is a subtractive metal machining process which uses chemistry to produce complex, highly accurate metal components. The type of metal to be etched influences the acid etching process since some metals etch quicker than others.


Laser Engraving
Laser engraving provides an extremely unique finish. Most popular on our metal plates, the laser burns the desired design, leaving an interesting finish with different shades of color depending on the surface cut.


Spot Color
Spot-coloring allows you to add solid, bright colors to metal cards by Pantone. For best results, spot coloring blends well with etching, although with the right design it can also be self-contained. Add branding or a unique color to the design of painted metal cards.


Cut Out
Both simple and complex designs can be made with precision and intricately with our metal cards, giving you an attractive and beautiful result. Use it to decorate the inside of the card design or to give the rounded corners or cards a unique shape


How to order?

1. Pick metal finish color
Copper, Black, Silver, Rose Gold & Gold plated finish on Stainless Steel.
Matte, Polished, Brushed finish on the stainless steel surface.
Thick to Thin Stainless. Normally 0.8mm for metal card with NFC, 0.4mm for metal card without NFC.

2. Work with our designers. Free Of Charge!
Need a cool design? We can mock up your card on any finishes and help you choose the right options for the best membership metal business cards.

3.When could get the metal cards?
Production time is 6-8 working days after get the final approval of proof.
Ships in 5-7 working days to your door.
Have a question? Give us a call or shoot an email, our team is highly devoted to keeping our customers satisfied to the fullest.
Ideal for making your own business cards or personalizing them as gifts.

Post time: Jul-29-2022