In 2024, we will continue to promote the development of industrial Internet applications in key industries

Nine departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the Work Plan for Digital Transformation of
the Raw Material Industry (2024-2026)

The Programme sets out three main objectives. First, the application level has been significantly improved. Create more than 120 typical scenarios
for digital transformation, cultivate more than 60 benchmark factories for digital transformation, and form a number of benchmark enterprises for
digital transformation. Indicators such as the numerical control rate of key processes in key industries and the penetration rate of digital R & D and
design tools have been significantly improved, and enterprises with digital transformation maturity level 3 and above have been increased to more
than 20%. Second, the supporting capacity has been significantly enhanced. Break through a number of key core technologies urgently needed for
digital transformation, and revise a number of advanced and applicable digital transformation standards and specifications. Promote the application
of more than 100 types of digital equipment, intelligent instruments, industrial software and other excellent products, cultivate more than 100 excellent
system solution providers with high professional level and strong service ability. Third, the service system has been improved. It has built 1 big data center
for new materials, 4 digital transformation promotion centers for key industries, 4 manufacturing innovation centers for key industries, more than 5
secondary nodes for industrial Internet identification analysis, and more than 6 industry-level industrial Internet platforms.

The Programme deployed 14 tasks in 4 areas. It is proposed to accelerate the extensive coverage of new network communication technologies such as 5G,
industrial optical network, Wi-Fi 6, industrial Ethernet, and Beidou Navigation in workshops, factories, and mines; Continue to promote the construction
and application of secondary nodes for industrial Internet identification analysis in key industries; We will accelerate the deployment and application of
new intelligent equipment such as unmanned transport vehicles, work robots, inspection robots, and intelligent inspection equipment. Carry out
benchmarking tree selection for digital transformation of raw material industry.

Post time: Jan-22-2024