Huawei unveils the first large-scale model in the communications industry

On the first day of MWC24 Barcelona, Yang Chaobin, Huawei's director and President of ICT Products and Solutions, unveiled the first large-scale
model in the communications industry. This breakthrough innovation marks a key step for the communications industry towards the intelligent
goal of 5G-A.

Yang Chaobin specifically pointed out: "Huawei communication grand model gives full play to the advantages of intelligent technology, provides
two types of application capabilities of role-based Copilots and scenario-based Agents, helps operators empower employees, improves user satisfaction,
and ultimately improves network productivity in an all-round way." Huawei communication model supports the intelligent goal of operators, provides
intelligent language interaction capabilities for different roles, and improves employees' knowledge level and work efficiency. For different operation
and maintenance scenarios, provide agent applications, analyze and disassemble complex processes, orchestrate operation schemes, and ensure user
experience and satisfaction.

Huawei's big communication model is highlighting the value of intelligence in its gradual application. Yang Chaobin shared the typical scenario practice
of Huawei's large communication model at the conference. In the case of agile business provisioning, rapid user number allocation is realized through
the multi-modal accurate evaluation of number allocation assistant. In the case of user experience guarantee, multi-objective experience guarantee is
realized through the optimization ability of large model. In the auxiliary troubleshooting scenario, cross-process quality analysis and dialogue assisted
processing significantly improve the efficiency of fault handling.


Post time: Feb-12-2024