Congratulations to the Smart Card Division on winning the bid for the 2022 Contactless CPU Card project of Tianfuton!


Chengdu Mind company successfully won the 2022 contactless CPU card project of Tianfutong in January 2023ushering in a good start in 2023. At the same time,
I would like to thank the partners who have paid quietly for the TianfuTong project!

Tianfutong is a comprehensive municipal transportation platform established by Chengdu Tianfutong Financial Services Co., LTD., which undertakes all the
business of Chengdu Chengtong Card Co., LTD., and undertakes many financial IC card applications.Platform construction, the construction of "city card" and
the development, construction, operation and management of public payment management service platform.

By October 2020, the business scope of Tianfutong includes public transport ticket payment, municipal comprehensive payment and other businesses. The ticket
card category of Tianfutong includes physical card, mobile APP, mobile NFC, etc.

Tianfutong card for the normal card size, the card contains the card and electronic wallet two functions. The cardholder can use the card to take Chengdu City buses
and enjoy 3 free transfers within 2 hours (Chengdu City buses).The Times of unused cards shall be cleared at the end of the month. Cardholders can also use the e-wallet
to take buses, subways, trams, etc., and use the balance of the e-wallet at the merchants signed by Tianfutong.For consumption, the balance in the card is valid for a long
time. "Tianfu Tong · Chengdutong", "Tianfu Tong · Chengzi Tong" also belong to the common card category.

In 2023, we will work together to make customers more recognized and dependent on Mind. Struggle, beyond self, flying dreams, create brilliance, 2023 we refuel together

Post time: Jan-10-2023