Chongqing Library Launches “Senseless Intelligent Borrowing System”

On March 23, Chongqing Library officially opened the industry's first "open non-sensing smart lending system" to readers.

This time, the "open non-sensing smart lending system" is launched in the Chinese book lending area on the third floor of the Chongqing Library.

Compared with the past, "Senseless Borrowing" directly saves the process of scanning codes and registering the borrowed titles. For readers, when they enter this system to borrow books, they only need to care about what books they want to read, and the operation of borrowing books is completely gone.

The "open non-sensing smart borrowing system" put into use this time was jointly developed by Chongqing Library and Shenzhen Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd. The system mainly relies on top-mounted RFID ultra-high frequency chip sensing equipment and AI camera sensing equipment. Through intelligent data classification algorithms, it actively collects and associates readers and book information to realize the automatic borrowing of books by readers without perception.


Post time: Mar-28-2023