Celebrate Women’s Day and offer blessings to every woman

Without the sun, flowers will not bloom; without true love, happiness will have nowhere to spread; without women, the world will lose half of its light.

Today is International Women's Day, and our company has distributed Women's Day gifts to all female employees who are struggling in offices and
factories. And every female employee has half a day off to celebrate this significant day.

International Working Women's Day is a festival established on March 8 every year to celebrate women's
important contributions and great achievements in economic, political and social fields.

It is a festival to commemorate women from all over the world striving for peace, equality and development for more
than a hundred years. The focus of celebrations varies from region to region, ranging from a general celebration of
respect, appreciation and love for women to a celebration of women's economic, political and social achievements.
Since the festival began as a political event initiated by socialist feminists, the festival has been integrated into the
culture of many countries, mainly in socialist countries.

Chengdu Mind is committed to enabling every employee to have a better life and a higher sense of happiness while working hard.

The video below shows a day in the life of our company employees.


Post time: Mar-08-2023