Application scenarios of RFID technology for animal ear tags

1. Animal and animal product traceability: The data stored by RFID electronic tags is not easy to change and lose,
so that every animal has an electronic ID card that will never disappear. This helps to trace important information such as breed,
origin, immunity, treatment and medication, and health status of the animal.

2. Livestock daily management: RFID tags can be used for animal identification, disease surveillance, quality control and animal varieties,
and are an effective way to track animal health and control animal outbreaks.

3. Zoo and wildlife protection: In the field of zoo and wildlife protection, RFID animal ear tags can help managers better understand the
living habits and health status of animals, and provide strong support for animal protection and breeding.

4. Pet management: For pet owners, RFID animal ear tags can conveniently record pet identity information, vaccination status and other
information, making pet management more convenient and secure.

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Post time: Mar-29-2024