About 70% of Spanish textile industry companies have implemented RFID solutions

Companies in the Spanish textile industry are increasingly working on technologies that simplify inventory management and help simplify day-to-day work. Especially tools like RFID technology. According to data in a report, the Spanish textile industry is a global leader in the use of RFID technology: 70% of companies in the sector already have this solution.

These numbers are increasing significantly. It is according to the observation of Fibretel, a global IT solution integrator, that companies in the Spanish textile industry have significantly increased the demand for RFID technology for real-time control of store inventory.

RFID technology is an emerging market, and by 2028, the RFID technology market in the retail sector is expected to reach $9.5 billion. Although the industry is one of the major ones in terms of using the technology, more and more companies really need it, no matter which industry they are working on. So we see that companies working on food, logistics or sanitation need to implement the technology and realize the benefits that applying it can bring.

Improve inventory management efficiency. By deploying RFID technology, companies can know exactly what products are currently in inventory and where. In addition to monitoring inventory in real time, it also helps in reducing the chances of items being lost or stolen, helping to improve supply chain management. Reduce operating costs. Accurate inventory tracking facilitates more efficient supply chain management. This means lower operating costs for things like warehousing, shipping and inventory management.


Post time: Apr-20-2023