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Electric bicycle charging socket Battery car smart socket Electric tricycle dual charging socket

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Product Parameter

Input/Output voltage   AC220V±10%,50-60Hz
Standby power <2W
Snigle Input power 2000W
Communication way RS485(LoRa/NB-IoT/2G/4G need customized)
Billing model by times/by timing/by power/by month/temporary
Consumption model Swipe Card
Shell material Flame-retardant ABS
Size 200*85*43mm
Protection level IP54
Environment Temperature -20℃~50℃
Socket standard GB 2099-2015(others can customized)

Function Features

Chip detection: German imported chip, automatic power recognition, support online power detection, dynamic current 10 times/sec real-time monitoring

Temperature alarm: built-in temperature sensor, detects that the front/internal temperature of the terminal exceeds the standard (80℃) and immediately cuts off the power, and informs the user with background information

Door magnetic induction technology: plug insertion/removal is sensed by a magnetic sensor, and the power will be cut off immediately after removal, which can prevent electricity theft and prevent misjudgment of the status of the charging plug being pulled out

QR code lighting assistance: Built-in lighting assistance, plug in the charger QR code to automatically turn on the light, in the case of insufficient light, scanning the code is more convenient

Fully automatic stop: intelligent judgment full automatic stop

Power-off memory function: the current charging information is automatically stored when the power is off, and the current charging state is restored after the power is received

No-load/overload automatic power-off: In the case of no WeChat scan code operation, the device does not supply power to ensure safety; when the connection power is too large, the device is powered off to prevent overload accidents

Intelligent voice interaction: the whole process of Mandarin voice broadcast guides the use, and the user experience is better

Anti-electric shock function: The socket is not energized during standby to prevent electric shock accidents caused by children's mistaken insertion

Electricity metering accuracy: Class II, consistent with the function of the electric meter

Anti-error swiping function: when the electric vehicle is being charged or not connected, swiping the card will only display the balance in the card, and the charge will not be deducted for charging

Anti-theft function: During the charging process, if the charging power is detected to increase suddenly, the device will automatically power off and inform the user.

Intelligent recognition function: Intelligently distinguish electric vehicles of different capacities, and implement different deduction standards. Non-electric vehicles or overloaded vehicles are prohibited from charging

Firmware upgrade: support online OTA upgrade


Note: the current APP and PC monitoring center is Chinese version, as a result, you need establish your own APP and related monitoring center. But we can provide related technical datasheets(API/SDK), can also support ODM customized development service. 



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer, support OEM/ODM customized service.

Q: How do buy the sample or send enquiry?
A: Send enquiry or place the order from Alibaba or directly send email to us.

Q: How about the certification?
A: Support CE/FCC/RoHS special customized within about half a month.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: T/T, Credit card, Paypal, West Union etc.

Q: What is your terms of shipping?

A: DHL,Fedex,TNT,Sea freight etc.

Q: How can we guarantee our products quality?
A: The quality warranty is 1 year.

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