Magnetic member card and holder

oject is for a client opened a new Japanese Cuisine food city need a full product of the membership manament, they want to use the system and member card to consumption, reload money, develop new guest and gift card usage.

Our professional magnetic member card, nice paper holder, system that help client manage their food city very well, which help client save much time to find several suppliers for different products. We even provide customize printing package service, all the cards are insert into the holders well before sending to client.

The client give a very good feedback and have a good impressive about our skilled salesperson, good quality printing cards and holder, best price, professional suggestions. We always standing by the clients to give recommend the suitable cards and solutions to help them save cost and time.

Magnetic member card and holder882

Magnetic member card and holder888

Magnetic member card and holder884

Magnetic member card and holder885

Magnetic member card and holder886

Magnetic member card and holder887

Post time: Oct-18-2020