RFID clawshell card


RFID clawshell card

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Most RFID clawshell card is in 125Khz frequency and with Atmel chip: T5577 or E-Marine chip: EM4100, we also have competiable chip options like TK4100 clawshell cards if customer required.

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The ID thick card adopts the non-contact intelligent memory chip of ISO 18000-2,ISO 11784/11785 standard, and the shell of the card is made of high temperature resistant ABS material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, stable performance and easy to use. It is suitable for identification, serial number identification of read-only storage, automatic logistics management identification, industrial product response identification, access control management, etc.

We offer 2 years warranty period for all RFID products we sell.

RFID card (2)

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Special rfid tags (5)

Parameter table

Material ABS
Size 85.5*54mm as credit card or customized size
Thickness 1.8mm thickness or customized thickness
Printing Silk-screen printing, CMYK printing, laser printing etc.
Personazation or special craft  Thermal printing in black or silver color: for changing numbers or information
Laser engraving numbers
Metallic printing in gold or silver background
Barcode: 13 barcode, 128 barcode, 39 barcode, QR barcode, etc.
Chip Optional,125khz:T5577,TK28,EM4200 etc   13.56mhz:F08,MF S50,S70,Df EV1,Ultralight C,I.CODE SLI-S etc, 860-960MHZ:Alien H3 etc
Card Type barcode card, blank card, blank chip card, thick id card, etc.
Production leadtime 7 days for less than 100,000pcs

Carton size

Quantity Carton Size Weight(KG) volume(cbm)
1000 27*23.5*13.5cm 6.5 0.009
2000 32.5*21*21.5cm 13 0.015
3000 51*21.5*19.8cm 19.5 0.02
5000 48*21.5*30cm 33 0.03
packaging process2 (2)
RFID clawshell card
QTY.(pcs) with encoding without encoding
≤10,000 7 days 7 days
20,000-50,000 8 days 7 days
60,000-80,000 8 days 8 days
90,000-120,000 9 days 8 days
130,000-200,000 11 days 8 days
210,000-300,000 12-15 days 9-10 days

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