Master-hand & Project:MIND has signed contract-One Card Solution with Baoshan city

Mon Oct 22 17:10:48 CST 2018

To live at ease,One Card solution in Baoshan city's been successfully completed by MND.
Get you a ride with one tiny card.
MIND IOT Co.,Ltd  has signed contract-One Card Solution with Baoshan city on Nov,2016. and strategic partnership was formally established.
MND made the most of its' rich experience in Public transport industry,having quanlity and lead time perfectly assured.
Through which,more market development and challenge's brought to MND and we shall sum up and optimize to all procedure and collaboration.
To guarantee quality and services of One Card Solution in Baoshan city,
Stepping forward is what MND do.

Vivian LuoFreya WangPeter WangJosh Jiang
Freya WangVivian LuoPeter WangJosh Jiang

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