Epoxy anti-metal rfid tag

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RFID anti metal tag is also a kind of electronic rfid tag, which is generally used to transmit and receive data. The surface will use materials that can absorb electromagnetic waves. This material also has some advantages:like lighter in weight, can withstand high temperature, damp proof, can resist corrosion.

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High frequency epoxy anti metal tag is made of high temperature resistant drop glue / metal shielding material / epoxy resin can seal and ultrasonic welding. The high-frequency anti metal RFID tag has good quality and performance, and is suitable for large-scale open-air power equipment inspection, large-scale tower and pole inspection, large and medium-sized elevator inspection, pallet management, large-scale pressure vessel, liquefier cylinder cylinder, factory equipment management, line inspection, metal bridge quality inspection, tunnel inspection, machine identification, vehicle license plate, metal container management, and various electric household equipment Product tracking and other aspects.
RFID anti-metal tag (1)

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RFID anti-metal tag (1)

RFID anti-metal tag (1)

Parameter table

Material Acrylic or customized according to environmental
Size 41.5*41.5*5.5 mm
Weight 9.5g
Data services Data and Laser number can be customized upon customers' requirements
Protocols ISO/IEC 18000-6C & EPC global Class 1 Gen 2
operating frequency 920- 925MHz(CN)
Chip(IC) Impinj / Monza 4QT
Memory EPC : 128 bits
Unique TID : 64 Bits
User: 512 Bits
Reading distance 2m based on fixed reader (metallic surface)
Reading distance 1m based on R2000 handheld reader (metallic surface)
Data retention 10 years
Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Storage temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Installation fix with screw or 3M adhesive
Warranty One year
Packing: 80 pcs/box,15box/CNT(1200pcs),11.4KG/CNT  or According to the actual shipment
Carton Size 48*21.5*18 cm
Applications Tool  tracking,medical equipment management,instrument tracking,production line equipment,IT / Energy Routine Inspection.

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